Creating safer spaces is your responsibility 
as well as everyone around you.
By stepping onto a QUEER DIMES court, you are agreeing to:

🏀 Not engage in any behaviour or language that perpetuates oppression i.e. racist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, ableist, classist or other bigoted behaviour
🏀 Be mindful and honour physical and emotional boundaries and remind others to do the same
🏀 Advocate for yourself and ask for help when you need it
🏀 Be responsible and accountable for your own actions
🏀 Respect differing opinions and states of being
🏀 Assume best intent and understand that we will all make mistakes which are opportunities to grow
🏀 Understand we are all at differing skill levels and our number one goal is to be together and have fun
🏀 Believe in yourself and those around you
🏀 Lead with kindness and leave things better than you found them

Queer Dimes Basketball takes safety in our spaces seriously and wants to make sure everyone feels comfortable and secure within these spaces. However, sometimes despite our best efforts, conflict does occur. 
Keeping in line with our values, we have developed a conflict resolution process that we will lean on when needed. 

Calling in vs Calling out 
If you are engaging in any behaviour that does not align with our space agreements, you will be called in. 
What does that look like? 
With kindness and respect, you will be approached and reminded of our space agreements and your commitment to abide by these agreements. We understand mistakes can happen; however, if it is found that you cannot abide by these agreements, you will be asked to take space from the court. 
Did you experience a conflict on the court that needs to be managed off court? 
Please approach a Queer Dimes team member and inform them of the situation at hand. This can also be done via email at We will reach out to you and provide avenues for resolving the conflict. The option for mediation will also be provided. You can choose to engage in the accountability process with the parties involved. Confidentiality will be followed at all times during the conflict resolution process. 
Indoor, non-marking shoes and shirts required
Liability waiver must be signed before playing 
No players will be permitted to play under the influence (smoking/vaping is prohibited on on all school property)
We currently only have game balls and a few warm up balls - if you want to guarantee your warm up time, please bring your own ball!

GAME RULES (subject to change as needed):
If you don't currently understand what these rules mean, don't worry. Come out and play and you'll pick it up in no time. In the meantime, start by reviewing our Basketball 101.
3 on 3/4 on 4, half court games (shoot for starting possession)
Check the ball at the top of the key (must be passed before shot; dead ball = check)
Made baskets keep possession
Ball must be cleared on all possession changes (both feet passed the 3 point line)
     Inside the arc = 1 point
     Outside the arc = 2 points
     First team to 11 wins
Winning team starts with possession next game 
     ​​​​​​​Light fouls are to be expected and not called
     Hard fouls can be called (no charge calls)
     No free throws (take possession and check at the top of the key)
     (NOTE: This is a physical game - you will experience body contact while playing)
No timeouts (unless there is an injury)
No 3 second key violations called
Ball Don't Lie (disagreements are settled by shooting)
Be generous with your high fives all around to keep the peace
If applicable due to roster size, players take turns rotating out each game
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